SEFI Protection for Nanosat 16-Bit Chip Onboard Computer Memories

  title={SEFI Protection for Nanosat 16-Bit Chip Onboard Computer Memories},
  author={Alfonso Sx00E1nchez-Macix00E1n and Pedro Reviriego and J. Tabero and Alberto Regadx00EDo and Juan Antonio Maestro},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability},
Plans to launch miniaturized satellite missions have been increasing in the last few years. Space missions like these are exposed to radiation, which is a cause of errors in electronic systems. Memories are one of the electronic systems that need special attention. Radiation effects in memories include single-event upsets (SEUs), multiple cell upsets, and single-event functional interrupts (SEFIs). In this paper, two solutions are presented to protect a nano/pico satellite onboard computer… CONTINUE READING