SEEK: a systems biology data and model management platform

  title={SEEK: a systems biology data and model management platform},
  author={Katy Wolstencroft and Stuart Owen and Olga Krebs and Quyen Nguyen and Natalie J. Stanford and Martin Golebiewski and Andreas Weidemann and Meik Bittkowski and Lihua An and David Shockley and Jacky L. Snoep and Wolfgang M{\"u}ller and Carole A. Goble},
  booktitle={BMC Systems Biology},
Systems biology research typically involves the integration and analysis of heterogeneous data types in order to model and predict biological processes. Researchers therefore require tools and resources to facilitate the sharing and integration of data, and for linking of data to systems biology models. There are a large number of public repositories for storing biological data of a particular type, for example transcriptomics or proteomics, and there are several model repositories. However… CONTINUE READING
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