SED1 polymorphism within the genus Saccharomyces.


The SED1 gene is characterised by abundant length and sequence polymorphisms within the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae, due to the expansion and contraction of minisatellite-like sequences located within the ORF. A survey of the SED1 ORFs of 26 yeasts ascribed to the species S. cerevisiae, S. bayanus, S. pastorianus, S. paradoxus, S. cariocanus, S. kudriavzevii and S. mikatae revealed SED1 gene length and sequence variations between the species of the genus. Moreover, results obtained by Neighbour-Joining analysis of a dataset comprising the partial predicted amino acid sequences of SED1 ORFs agreed with the phylogenetic relationships of the seven species. Thus, the SED1 gene may represent a further molecular target for the identification of Saccharomyces isolates.

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