author={Murray Dick},
  journal={Journalism Practice},
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  • M. Dick
  • Published 23 February 2011
  • Business
  • Journalism Practice
This paper represents an exploratory study into an emerging culture in UK online newsrooms—the practice of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which assesses its impact on news production. Comprising a short-term participant observational case study at a national online news publisher, and a series of semi-structured, in-depth interviews with SEO professionals at three further UK media organisations, the author sets out to establish how SEO is operationalised in the newsroom, and what… 
SEO inside Newsrooms: Reports from the Field
Results show that today, news publishers have embraced the use of SEO practices, something that is clear also from this study, however, the absence of a distinct SEO culture was evident in newsrooms under study.
Search engine optimisation in online journalism: A case study of the Grupo Joly media company
Given the confirmation of the fundamental role of the application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in digital news media as part of the media's commitment to its readers, this chapter proposes to
SEO and the digital news media: From the workplace to the classroom
The constant struggle to attract new readers has led the digital newsmedia to adopt search engine positioning strategieswithin their newsrooms. Given that readers are increasingly opting to consume
Employing Search Engine Optimization Techniques in Online News Articles
The principal purpose of this article is to outline a framework of suggested practices that can make journalistic work and Internet journalism generally, more effective and contemporary.
SEO and Web Analytics in Journalism: Case Studies from the Greek News Media Landscape
This chapter summarises the major findings of two studies regarding the use and impact of SEO and web analytics on news websites and journalism profession in Greece and aims to provide new insights in the field of digital journalism.
Investigating Search Engine Optimization Factors in Media Websites
The aim was to find out to what extent the use of SEO affects the traffic of a media website whilst, on the other hand, to discover to what degree media professionals in Greece utilize the possibilities given through search engines in order to increase traffic.
Editors versus audiences facing news: Is this discrepancy also repeated on social news networks?
This study examines whether the frequent discrepancy between publishers and audiences over the news that interests them – the former preferring hard news, the latter soft news – is repeated on social
Management and resistance in the digital newsroom
What happens when there is conflict between the profit motivations of a news outlet and the professional values of its journalists? Questions of managerial influence and journalistic autonomy have
"Outside the industry, nobody knows what we do" SEO as seen by search engine optimizers and content providers
It is assumed that users cannot realistically assess the impact SEO has and that user opinions about SEO depend heavily on their knowledge of the topic, which contributes to a more nuanced view on and a deeper understanding of the SEO domain.


How SEO is changing journalism
Search engine optimisation can ensure content attracts maximum web hits. And it doesn't mean conning readers, says an online editor The communities editor of advocates the writing of
This research examines the way online journalists react to new ways of knowing about their audiences. Interviewing 19 online journalists in print, broadcast and net-native media, the research
What's happening to our news
This book looks at how the quality and commercial viability of British journalism are under critical threat from the digital revolution. Advertisers are deserting newspapers and television news
Market-Driven Journalism: Let the Citizen Beware?
Introduction The Rise of Market-Driven Journalism The Nature of News Reconsidered Environmental Influences on News Production How Culture, Technology, and Laws and Regulations Shape News Finding the
Culture Shock: New media and organizational change in the BBC in In: Natalie Fenton, ed. New Media, Old News: Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age. Sage, pp. 73-86. ISBN 9781847875730
A culture that grew organically for the best part of a century is now undergoing a would-be revolutionary transformation in response to changes in news consumption -facilitated by new technologies -
Worst practices in search engine optimization
This article examines some of the techniques that can lead the search engines to ban a site—so called “black hat” techniques, then examines black hat indexing techniques, followed by on-page and off-page methods.
The Art of SEO - Mastering Search Engine Optimization
Four of the most noted experts in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) provide you with proven guidelines and cutting-edge techniques for planning and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy.
Search Engine Optimization For Dummies
This guide to building Search Engine-Friendly Sites and avoiding Things That Search Engines Hate will help you create pages that search Engines Love, and plan your Search Engine Strategy to achieve this goal.
Online Journalism as Market-Driven Journalism
The development of new communication technology vis-á-vis the Internet affords scholars the opportunity to consider how new technology will influence the practices of journalism. This study
When Search Meets Web Usability
By understanding the wide variety of information-seeking strategies and the individual behaviors associated with them, this book helps information architects, Web designers/developers, SEOs/SEMs, and usability professionals build better interfaces and functionality into Web sites.