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SDHCAL technological prototype test beam results

  title={SDHCAL technological prototype test beam results},
  author={H. G. Cabrera},
The CALICE SDHCAL technological prototype was developed compatible with the future International Linear Collider (ILC) requirements and the Particle Flow Algorithm (PFA) in mind. Its high granularity provides excellent tracking tools for PFA while keeping the requirements of efficiency, compactness and power consumption. During the last few years, several campaigns of data taking in test beam conditions without a magnetic field have been completed, resulting in analysis of the detector… Expand


First results of the CALICE SDHCAL technological prototype
The CALICE Semi-Digital Hadronic Calorimeter (SDHCAL) prototype, built in 2011, was exposed to beams of hadrons, electrons and muons in two short periods in 2012 on two different beam lines of theExpand
Tracking within Hadronic Showers in the CALICE SDHCAL prototype using a Hough Transform Technique
The high granularity of the CALICE Semi-Digital Hadronic CALorimeter (SDHCAL) provides the capability to reveal the track segments present in hadronic showers. These segments are then used as a toolExpand
Hadron selection using Boosted Decision Trees in the semi-digital hadronic calorimeter
  • 2019
The CALICE Semi-digital Hadronic CALorimeter (SDHCAL) prototype using Glass Resistive Plate Chambers as a sensitive medium is the rst technological prototype in a family of high-granularityExpand
Construction and commissioning of a technological prototype of a high-granularity semi-digital hadronic calorimeter
The SDHCAL prototype, designed and built as a demonstrator of the semi-digital hadronic calorimeter (SDHCAL), is the first of a series of new-generation detectors equipped with a power-pulsing mode intended to reduce the power consumption of this highly granular detector. Expand