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  author={Martin Jay},
Exploiting instability: Reconfiguring digital systems
This paper will discuss how the manipulation of its colour receptor mechanism not only provides the designer with an opportunity to exceed the constraints of commonly available colour palettes, but also it will show how this digital disruption actively capitalises upon the discrepancies that govern design strategies applied to formal production within coexistent virtual and real-time space.
Tape: Or, Rewinding the Phonographic Regime
Abstract Magnetic tape follows the contours of the twentieth century in striking ways, from the overtly sonic and musical to less obvious political and social transformations. This introductory
Interfaces of resistance in the image-machine of control
My creative practice addresses two research questions: how does ubiquitous computation affect the visual operations of the contemporary control society and what does this mean for the use of visual
Enacting public perception in the late 19th century. The Kaiserpanorama
I n the nineteenth century, perception machines and the processes of perception triggered by such apparatuses came to the attention of a broad public. Several kinds of optical devices gained the
Blow-up : Photography , Cinema and the Brain BY : WARREN NEIDICH
  • Art
  • 2010
“I am proposing the notion that we are here in the presence of something like a mutation in built space itself. My implication is that we ourselves, the human subjects who happen into this new space,
The Unsightly
This article looks at a quite different form of mediation, a tactile book on the Parthenon Frieze for the visually impaired that has recently been produced by the British Museum. As a material
Towards a periodization of listening
Taking its cue from literature on visual culture this article addresses the possibility of a plurality of listening positions or, more precisely, the possibility of periodizing competing or
Satellite Planetarity and the Ends of the Earth
While I was preparing this essay, the space shuttle Endeavour flew over my home, completing what the media referred to as a “victory lap” around Los Angeles to cheering crowds. The house shook in
JPEG : the quadruple object
The thesis looks to move beyond accounts of digital objects and protocols within software studies that position the object in terms of issues of relationality, processuality and potentiality and provide an account of the JPEG digital object and its enfolding within the governmental scopic regime.