SCMon: Leveraging segment routing to improve network monitoring

  title={SCMon: Leveraging segment routing to improve network monitoring},
  author={Francois Aubry and David Lebrun and Stefano Vissicchio and Minh Thanh Khong and Yves Deville and Olivier Bonaventure},
  journal={IEEE INFOCOM 2016 - The 35th Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications},
To guarantee correct operation of their networks, operators have to promptly detect and diagnose data-plane issues, like broken interface cards or link failures. Networks are becoming more complex, with a growing number of Equal Cost MultiPath (ECMP) and link bundles. Hence, some data-plane problems (e.g. silent packet dropping at one router) can hardly be detected with control-plane protocols or simple monitoring tools like ping or traceroute. In this paper, we propose a new technique, called… CONTINUE READING