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SCADA Cyber Attacks and Security Vulnerabilities: Review

  title={SCADA Cyber Attacks and Security Vulnerabilities: Review},
  author={J. Fiaidhi and Yvette E. Gelogo},
SCADA plays a vital role in critical infrastructures. As the modern IT technology become very advanced, the threat on industrial control system (ICS) and SCADA security become a big concern of every critical infrastructures operator. With the recent cyber-attacks, the urge to secure the critical infrastructure is a big issue especially for those countries that uses critical infrastructures. In this paper, we discuss the recent cyber-attacks that became threat to SCADA systems. Give some updates… Expand
Petri net model of insider attacks in SCADA system
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Alarm based anomaly detection of insider attacks in SCADA system
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Distributed intrusion detection/prevention system design and implementation for secure SCADA communication in smart grid
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Evaluating Low Interaction Honeypots and On their Use against Advanced Persistent Threats
Evaluating several Low Interaction Honeypots according to several usability and performance criteria and arguing on the utilization of LIHs that could indicate early signs of jeopardy from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Expand


Securing SCADA systems
The paper proposes the use of secure socket layer/transport layer security (SSL/TLS) and IP security (IPsec) solutions, implemented on the test‐bed at the University of Louisville, as the optimal choices when considering the level of security a solution can provide and the difficulty of implementing such a security measure. Expand
Securing Communication of SCADA Components in Smart Grid Environment
automate systems such as traffic control, power grid management, waste processing etc. Conventionally, SCADA is connected only in a limited private network because SCADA is considered a criticalExpand
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