SATB1 Plays a Critical Role in Establishment of Immune Tolerance.

  title={SATB1 Plays a Critical Role in Establishment of Immune Tolerance.},
  author={Motonari Kondo and Yuriko Tanaka and Taku Kuwabara and Taku Naito and Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu and Akiko Watanabe},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={196 2},
Special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1 (SATB1) is a genome organizer that is expressed by T cells. T cell development is severely impaired in SATB1 null mice; however, because SATB1 null mice die by 3 wk of age, the roles of SATB1 in T cell development have not been well clarified. In this study, we generated and analyzed SATB1 conditional knockout (cKO) mice, in which the SATB1 gene was deleted from all hematopoietic cells. T cell numbers were reduced in these mice, mainly because of a… CONTINUE READING
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