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SAR Image Enhancement : Combining Image Filtering and Segmentation

  title={SAR Image Enhancement : Combining Image Filtering and Segmentation},
  author={Jean-Marie Beaulieu},
SAR images are generally affected by speckle noise due to the interference of reflected waves from many elementary scatterers. The speckle complicates image interpretation and reduces the effectiveness of automatic image analysis techniques. A good filter should maintain the signal mean value and reduce the speckle while preserving the edges. Adaptive filters use an estimation of the variation coefficient. The utilization of fixed size windows produces poor estimates. We examine new ways to use… 



Adaptive speckle filters and scene heterogeneity

The most well known adaptive filters for speckle reduction are analyzed and it is shown that they are based on a test related to the local coefficient of variation of the observed image, which describes the scene heterogeneity.

Performance metrics for SAR speckle-suppression filters

A new set of tools and metrics for evaluating the performance of adaptive filters are proposed, and by way of illustration, they are applied to the refined filter introduced by Lee and to the edge-preservingfilter introduced by Hagg and Sties.

Understanding Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

Introduction. Principles of SAR Image Formation. Image Defects and their Correction. Fundamental Properties of SAR Images. Data Models. RCS Reconstruction Filters. RCS Classification and