SAPTA: a new design tool for improving TALE nuclease activity

  title={SAPTA: a new design tool for improving TALE nuclease activity},
  author={Yanni Lin and Eli J. Fine and Zhilan Zheng and Christopher J. Antico and Richard A. Voit and Matthew H Porteus and Thomas J. Cradick and Gang Bao},
  booktitle={Nucleic acids research},
Transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs) have become a powerful tool for genome editing due to the simple code linking the amino acid sequences of their DNA-binding domains to TALEN nucleotide targets. While the initial TALEN-design guidelines are very useful, user-friendly tools defining optimal TALEN designs for robust genome editing need to be developed. Here we evaluated existing guidelines and developed new design guidelines for TALENs based on 205 TALENs tested, and… CONTINUE READING