SALSA: QoS-aware load balancing for autonomous service brokering

  title={SALSA: QoS-aware load balancing for autonomous service brokering},
  author={Bas Boone and Sofie Van Hoecke and Gregory van Seghbroeck and Niels Joncheere and Viviane Jonckers and Filip De Turck and Chris Develder and Bart Dhoedt},
  journal={Journal of Systems and Software},
The evolution towards “Software as a Service”, facilitated by various web service technologies, has led to applications composed of a number of service building blocks. These applications are dynamically composed by web service brokers, but rely critically on proper functioning of each of the composing subparts which is not entirely under control of the applications themselves. The problem at hand for the provider of the service is to guarantee non-functional requirements such as service access… CONTINUE READING
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