SAFARI: Searching Asteroids for Activity Revealing Indicators

  title={SAFARI: Searching Asteroids for Activity Revealing Indicators},
  author={Colin Orion Chandler and Anthony M. Curtis and Michael Mommert and Scott S. Sheppard and Chadwick A. Trujillo},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific},
Active asteroids behave dynamically like asteroids but display comet-like comae. These objects are poorly understood, with only about 30 identified to date. We have conducted one of the deepest systematic searches for asteroid activity by making use of deep images from the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) ideally suited to the task. We looked for activity indicators amongst 11,703 unique asteroids extracted from 35,640 images. We detected three previously-identified active asteroids ((62412), (1… Expand

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