S62.01 - The impact of migration on mental health and mental illness

  title={S62.01 - The impact of migration on mental health and mental illness},
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Depression in Married Immigrant Women in Korea
Because of the human interchanges among countries, multi-racial and multi-cultural phenomena have become widespread over the past 10 years in Korea. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the
[A structural equation model on mental health of Korean immigrants in Canada].
This structural equation model is a comprehensive theoretical model that explains the related factors and their relationship with mental health in Korean immigrants and can contribute to the designing of an appropriate prevention strategy to further improve the mental health of immigrants in Canada.
Characteristics of culturally and linguistically diverse mental health clients
Mental health and psychosocial issues differed for age, gender and world regions from which the CALD clients originated, and the findings provided an understanding of clients who seek services at QTMHC.
결혼이주여성의 사회적 지지, 생활만족도가 우울에 미치는 영향 -대구,경북 지역을 중심으로-
The author suggests the necessity of developing social service program based on the women`s characteristics and mental health needs as well as the significant predictors of depression.
Depression and the Influencing Factors in Korean American Immigrants
Purpose:The objectiveof thisstudy was to investigatethedegreeof depression in Korean American immigrants according to their characteristics. Methods: This descriptive correlation study conducted
Impacts of Social Support and Life Satisfaction on Depression among International Marriage Migrant Women in Daegu and Kyungpook Area.
The author suggests the necessity of developing social service program based on the women's characteristics and mental health needs to address depression in this population of international marriage migrant women.
The Adjusting Process of Foreign Wives Married to Korean Husbands
Purpose: Purposes of this study were to explore the experiences of Filipinas living as foreign wives in Korea and to formulate a substantive theory that explains the basic social process of adjusting
Development of a Web Contents for Information Service System for Mental Health Management in Korean Immigrants
Summary The purpose of this study is to describe the development of a web contents for information service system for mental health management in Korean immigrants using a user-centered. Research
농촌 거주 결혼이주여성의 우울에 미치는 영향요인
This study aimed to identify factors influencing depression of married immigrant women in rural areas in Jeollanamdo, Korea by collecting data using a structured questionnaire.