S12.14 Differences in significance of →3Gal-linked and →6GalNAc-linked sialic acid residues in blood group M- and N-related epitopes recognized by various monoclonal antibodies


anti-DP monoclonal antibody (anti-Fy6) and an antiglycophorin A monoclonal antibody. N-gly and Endo-F caused a shift in the molecular weight (m.w.) of DP from 35-43 to 32 kD. O-gly had no effect, although O-gly did cause a major shift downward in the m.w. of glycophorin A. DP was partially purified from SDS-solubilized membranes by Thiopropyl Sepharose 6B… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01210048


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