S-x Thrp; Memorial Issue Dr. Tsanoff's Memorial Address


We are assembled this morning to commemorate the worst disaster ever suffered by the Rice Institute. Deep sentiments T>f-felk>wship and sympathy draw us together, to quicken the cherished memories of the ten fine young men whom we have lost. And our common bereavement impresses on our minds the tragic problem of human l i f e and destiny: man's ever precarious course in the sweep of physical nature, but also man's firm devotion to his duty and his high purpose in life, despite ever lurking perils and disasters. This is not an occasion for long flowery eloquence, but we should pause briefly to meditate on the death of our young friends, a death that stuns us with its seeming f rus t r a tion and that we t ry to reconcile somehow with our fa i th in a reasonable and just Providence.

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