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S piders ( Aranei ) of the Kharaulakh Mountains and the Lena River lower reaches , northern Yakutia , Russia Ïàóêè ( Aranei )

  title={S piders ( Aranei ) of the Kharaulakh Mountains and the Lena River lower reaches , northern Yakutia , Russia {\"I}{\`a}{\'o}{\^e}{\`e} ( Aranei )},
  author={Andrei V. Tanasevitch and A. A. Nekhaeva},
An analysis has been made of the two local araneofaunas: vicinities of Tyylaakh and Tiksi (northern Yakutia) situated in the subzone of typical tundra of the tundra zone. Peculiarities of spider distribution in the main zonal-landscape vegetation types were revealed. The fauna of intrazonal phytocenoses of local tundra is most rich (36 species) and specific (13%) but characterized by a small share of purely Arctic species (28%). Zonal groups are the second in the fauna richness (26 species) and… 

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