S-UMTS access network for broadcast and multicast service delivery: the SATIN approach


This paper proposes a complete satellite access network solution for multimedia broadcast multicast service (MBMS) delivery based on the T-UMTS standards. Firstly, the benefits of MBMS delivery via satellite (SAT-MBMS) for both S/T-UMTS network operators are shown via market and business analysis. A new integrated S/T-UMTS architecture for MBMS delivery is then proposed featuring an intermediate module repeater (IMR) for coverage of urban areas. The architectural options for IMR and terminal design are discussed considering the relevant cost and complexity. The IMR propagation channel conditions are investigated and a new propagation channel model is proposed. The potential of advanced coding schemes such as the layered coding technique to tackle the channel variations in broadcast/ multicast environment is outlined. The functional and protocol architecture are defined along with the interface between the satellite access network and the UMTS core network. Required modifications on the terrestrial access scheme sub-layers to support MBMS data are investigated and the relevant logical, transport and physical channels are selected. Based on the channel selection and the point-to-multipoint service nature, we define a generic radio resource management (RRM) strategy that takes into account both QoS and GoS requirements. The efficiency of the proposed solutions is evaluated in the presented simulation results, advocating the feasibility of the overall approach.

DOI: 10.1002/sat.776

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