S-SNOBOL: structured SNOBOL4

  title={S-SNOBOL: structured SNOBOL4},
  author={Ian Sommerville},
5ummary 7h15 paper de5cr16e5 50me exten510n5 t0 the 5N080L4 pr09ramm1n9 1an9ua9e, re5u1t1n9 1n a new 1an9ua9e 5-5N080L. 5tructured c0ntr01 c0n5truct5 5uch a5 1f-then-e15e, wh11e-d0 etc. have 6een added t0 5N080L4. A 51mp1er mean5 0f funct10n def1n1t10n, macr0 fac111t1e5 and a 11m1ted f0rm 0f name deC1arat10n have a150 6een added. 5-5N080L 15 a 5uper5et 0f 5N080L4 and a11 va11d 5N080L4 pr09ram5 are a150 va11d 5-5N080L pr09ram5. 1mp1ementat10n 15 v1a a pre-pr0ce550r wh1ch 0utput5 a 5N080L4… CONTINUE READING

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