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Síndrome Zellweger (cerebro-hepato-renal). Reporte de un caso

  title={S{\'i}ndrome Zellweger (cerebro-hepato-renal). Reporte de un caso},
  author={Crist{\'o}bal Medardo Valdez Geraldo and Carlos E. Jim{\'e}nez and S. Garc{\'i}a-Arias and Lizbeth Mayeda Gaxiola and Mirna Guadalupe Zavala Ruiz},
Peroxisome is a sub-cellular organelle that is present in eukaryotic cells. Peroxisomes are in charge of beta-oxidation of very longchain fatty acids of very long chain. It synthesizes plasmalogens, docohexaenoic acid, sub-celullar mielinic compounds, biliary acids, prostaglandins, mevalonate, and it also detoxifies phytanic acid. Peroxisomal diseases are sub-divided into two sub-groups; the first group is characterized by prevented biogenesis, taking part of Zellweger’s Syndrome, whose most… CONTINUE READING


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