Séroprévalence de la fièvre aphteuse dans les élevages traditionnels des zones Est et Ouest du Hararghe, Ethiopie

  title={S{\'e}ropr{\'e}valence de la fi{\`e}vre aphteuse dans les {\'e}levages traditionnels des zones Est et Ouest du Hararghe, Ethiopie},
  author={M. Wahyudi Yahya and Zerihun Hailemariam and Lisanwork Amare and Tesfaye Rufael},
Serological evidence of exposure to foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) was assessed in traditionally managed cattle in 21 districts of East and West Hararghe zones in Oromiya State, Ethiopia, through a cross-sectional survey conducted between November 2008 and March 2009. Sera collected from 504 cattle were tested for antibodies against FMDV using a commercial ELISA. Antibodies to FMDV were detected at an overall prevalence rate of 11.6% [95% confidence interval (95CI): 8.6–14.5%]. In West… CONTINUE READING