Ryser's Conjecture for Tripartite 3-Graphs

  title={Ryser's Conjecture for Tripartite 3-Graphs},
  author={Ron Aharoni},
A hypergraph is a set of subsets, called edges, of some ground set, whose elements are called vertices. A hypergraph is called r-uniform (or an rgraph) if all its edges are of the same size, r. An r-uniform hypergraph is called r-partite if its vertex set V (H) can be partitioned into sets V1, . . . ,Vr (called the “sides” of the hypergraph) in such a way that each edge meets each Vi in precisely one vertex. A matching in a hypergraph is a set of disjoint edges. The matching number, ν(H), of a… CONTINUE READING

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