Rye flour allergens: an emerging role in baker's asthma.


BACKGROUND Exposure to wheat flour is usually considered the most important cause of baker's asthma. However, other flours frequently used in bakeries may play an emerging role as relevant allergens causing occupational asthma. AIMS OF STUDY We report on two cases of baker's asthma mainly caused by exposure to rye flour. The profile of allergen… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/ajim.20566


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@article{Letrn2008RyeFA, title={Rye flour allergens: an emerging role in baker's asthma.}, author={Antonio Letr{\'a}n and Arantxa Palac{\'i}n and Pilar Barranco and Gabriel Salcedo and Cristina Pascual and Santiago Quirce}, journal={American journal of industrial medicine}, year={2008}, volume={51 5}, pages={324-8} }