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Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron Electrostatic Deflector

  title={Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron Electrostatic Deflector},
  author={Timothy W. Koeth and Timothy S. Ponter and Daniel E. Hoffman and William S. Schneider and James E. Krutzler},
The Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron is a 1.2 MeV particle accelerator dedicated to beam physics instruction and accelerator component research and development. Previous publications by the Rutgers Cyclotron group have described observed axial betatron motion, which was found to be consistent with radially increasing energetic protons (1,2). However, irrefutable verification of the final beam energy required a spectrometer based measurement. An internal E×B spectrometer, a variant on the Wien Filter… Expand
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Undergraduate Education with the Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron
Abstract The Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron is a research grade accelerator dedicated to undergraduate education. From its inception, it has been intended for instruction and has been designed toExpand


Optics of Charged Particles
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Fermi National Accelerator Lab, private communication
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