Russian Press and the Ideas of Russia’s ‘Special Mission in the East’ and ‘Yellow Peril’

  title={Russian Press and the Ideas of Russia’s ‘Special Mission in the East’ and ‘Yellow Peril’},
  author={Alena Eskridge-Kosmach},
  journal={The Journal of Slavic Military Studies},
  pages={661 - 675}
The active movement of the Russian Empire to the East for three centuries and its colossal success led to the need for some Russian thinkers and publicists to analyze this unique phenomenon as part of the general European colonial ‘movement’ to the East. The problem became more relevant than ever after the Sino-Japanese war (1894–1895), when the expansion of Russia to the East intensified, and all the world powers started to formulate their interests in China. Conflicts with and around China… 
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