Russian Legal Culture and the Rule of Law

  title={Russian Legal Culture and the Rule of Law},
  author={Elise Kimerling Wirtschafter},
  journal={Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History},
  pages={61 - 70}
  • E. Wirtschafter
  • Published 22 February 2006
  • History
  • Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History
Historians suspicious of absolutist political models have in recent decades drawn attention to the effectiveness of legal institutions in Muscovite and imperial Russia. This attention has produced a compelling corrective to widespread images of Russian government as arbitrary, corrupt, and generally dysfunctional. More often than not, liberal historians in late imperial Russia and Euro-American scholars in the era of the Cold War stood ready to paint Russian government with the broad brush of… 
The Maiden and the Wolf: Law, Gender, and Sexual Violence in Imperial Russia
This article is a close reading of an 1859 court case from Moscow, in which a young orphaned noblewoman accused a much older, wealthier, and better-connected man. It situates the case in its cultural
Russia's Legal Trajectories
Our question for today’s lively field of Russian law is, could we substitute the word “Russian” for “Western” and proceed to describe the dynamics and characteristics of a Russian legal tradition? To
Rulers and Ruled, 1700–1917
The assignment to write a historiographical article on "Rulers and Ruled" in Russia led me to reflect on a vital aspect of Russian history, arguably one of the most significant paradigms of our view
Kunitsyn in the Son of Fatherland
Kunitsyn’s transfer to St. Petersburg in 1817 put him in the midst of the intellectual life of the capital, which was living through the final phase of Alexander I’s liberal epoch. Literary salons
Gas Supply and EU–Russia Relations
Drawing on New Institutional Economics (NIE) theory, the article argues that EU energy policy towards Russia damages security of supply because it neglects the specific aims and propensities of
Gas Supply and EU–Russia Relations
Abstract Drawing on New Institutional Economics (NIE) theory, the article argues that EU energy policy towards Russia damages security of supply because it neglects the specific aims and propensities
Правовая культура общества позднеимперской России в ракурсе историко-юридических исследований: подходы последних лет
the article examines the main trends of studying of the legal culture of the Russian society of the late 19-th – beginning of 20-th centuries, which exist in the literature of the history of law in


Russian Monarchy and the Rule of Law: New Considerations of the Court Reform of 1864
The relationship of a legal system—the courts, the legal administration, the discipline of Russian law—to the Russian state has been an ongoing and unresolved problem in modern Russian history and
Russian Monarchy: Eighteenth-Century Rulers and Writers in Political Dialogue
Russian monarchs have long been regarded as majestic and despotic, ruling over mute and servile subjects in a vast empire isolated from the rest of the European continent. Challenging this view,
Catherine the Great: A Short History
Ivan IV, 'the Terrible' (1533-1584) is one of the key figures in Russian history, yet he has remained among the most neglected. Notorious for pioneering a policy of unrestrained terror - and for
Russian Peasants Go to Court: Legal Culture in the Countryside, 1905-1917
Contents Preface Acknowledgments 1. The Peasant Question and the Law 2. A Litigious Person and Her Possibilities 3. A Day at Court 4. All Sorts of Suits and Disputes 5. Small Crime and Punishment 6.
From Serf to Russian Soldier
Here is the first social history devoted to the common soldier in the Russian army during the first half of the 19th-century--an examination of soldiers as a social class and the army as a social
Russia Under the Old Regime
Chapter 1 The environment and its consequences: The geographic setting - vegetation, soils, climate, precipitation and waterways The influence of Russia's northern location on her economy - short
The Human Measure: Social Thought in the Western Legal Tradition
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