Russian Economic Policy in the Late 17th – Early 18th Centuries: The Case of the Tobacco Monopoly

  title={Russian Economic Policy in the Late 17th – Early 18th Centuries: The Case of the Tobacco Monopoly},
  author={Svetlana Karelskaia and Ekaterina Zuga},
  journal={Comprehensible Science},


Account books of the Moscow Print Yard (1622-1700): the origins of cost accounting in Russia
This paper reports the results from the study of the account books (1622-1700) of the Moscow Print Yard, the largest Russian state manufactory in the 17 th century. This case confirms the existence
Accounting in state-owned companies operated for the production and sale of alcohol in Russia in the fifteenth-seventeenth centuries
The purpose of this study is to research the accounting method used in state-owned companies operated for alcohol production and sale in Russia in the fifteenth–seventeenth centuries. Such an
Early assessment of China’s 2015 tobacco tax increase
The 2015 tax increase shows that tobacco taxation can provide measurable benefits to both public health and finance in China and highlights the potential for tobacco taxation to contribute to China’s broader development targets, including the sustainable development goals and Healthy China 2030.
Handbook of Tobacco Taxation: Theory and Practice (Economic Theory of Taxation) [Руководство По Налогообложению Табачных Изделий: Теория И Практика (Экономическая Теория Налогообложения)]
Excise taxes are consumption taxes applied to a specific good, such as alcohol, gasoline, or tobacco, for example. Such taxes may be a mechanism to generate revenues for the overall government
Руководство по налогообложению табачных изделий: теория и практика
Книга выдающегося американского экономиста Артура Б. Лаффера посвящена использованию налогообложения в качестве решения проблемы потребления табака. В ней подробно рассматривается множество факторов,
Peter the Great’s government reforms and accounting practice in Russia
The purpose of this contribution is to present an account of the development of accounting practice in Russia at the end of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth century. The