Russia's Perception of Her Relationship with the West

  title={Russia's Perception of Her Relationship with the West},
  author={Marc Raeff},
  journal={Slavic Review},
  pages={13 - 19}
  • M. Raeff
  • Published 1 March 1964
  • Art
  • Slavic Review
The old French adage comparaison n'est pas raison indicates that comparison (contrast, too, for that matter) is never made for its own sake but only to lead to some conclusion. That is why the habit of comparing, or contrasting, the history of one country with that of another (or several others) gives rise to such vexing problems and generates such intense passions—and in turn feeds on them. We are dealing here not only with a “scientific” problem, whose solution would be an acquired truth, but… 

Western Visitors' Views of Russia and the Russians: Origin, Bias and National Mythology during the 16th-19th Centuries

The Russian tends to deal only in extremes, and he is not particularly concerned to reconcile them To him, contradiction is a familiar thing. It is the essence of Russia West and East, extreme cold

The Nature of Russia's Identity: The Theme of “Russia and the West” in Post-Soviet Culture

The aim of this essay is to present a brief overview of the treatment in post-Soviet culture and the media, especially in literature, film and publitsistika on historical themes, of certain aspects

Inozemtsy v Rossii XVI–XVII vv, and: Vykhodtsy iz Zapadnoi Evropy v Rossii XVII veka: Pravovoi status i real´noe polozhenie (review)

After the fall of the Soviet Union and once the ideological differences of the Cold War began to dissipate, Russian scholars began to revisit the old debate surrounding Russia’s position vis-à-vis

Riot and Ruckus: Nationalism on Stage in the Early Modernist Theater of the Futurists and Ballets Russes, 1909-1914

Objective: How and why did the early modernist groups of the Ballets Russes and the Italian Futurists utilize nationalism in their early theatrical programs? In this study we look at the genesis and

Media-influenced perceptions : how educated PNG youth view the West

This paper examines how educated Papua New Guinean youth perceive the West, and the influence that the media has on this perception. There are hundreds of different cultural groups throughout

How Educated PNG Youth Perceive Western Power

This paper examines how educated Papua New Guinean youth perceive Western countries, and in particular their level of power. The educated youth studied in this paper come from across Papua New

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On the Metageography of Euro-Asia

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