Russell's Robust Sense of Reality: A Reply to Butchvarov

  title={Russell's Robust Sense of Reality: A Reply to Butchvarov},
  author={J. Dejnozka},
  journal={Grazer Philosophische Studien},
  • J. Dejnozka
  • Published 1988
  • Philosophy
  • Grazer Philosophische Studien
This paper is a reply to Professor Panayot Butchvarov's recent article entitled "Our Robust Sense of Reality". 1 Critical of Russell from a Meinongian viewpoint, Butchvarov raises a deep ontological question concerning the Russellian critique of Meinong: Just what is the "robust sense of reality" Russell accuses Meinong of lacking when Meinong claims that "There are objects of which it is true to say that there are no such objects?"2 It is more fundamental than the standard semantic question… Expand
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