Rushing Dinner to the Table: The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine and Industrialization’s Effects on Middle-Class Food and Cooking, 1852–1860

  title={Rushing Dinner to the Table: The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine and Industrialization’s Effects on Middle-Class Food and Cooking, 1852–1860},
  author={Andrea L. Broomfield},
  journal={Victorian Periodicals Review},
  pages={101 - 123}
Angela Thirkell, the British novelist who refashioned Anthony Trollope's Barsetshire series for twentieth-century readers, offers a wealth of information about English food, especially how it can reveal her characters' social status and tastes. In The Brandons (1939), for example, Lavinia prepares her servants to welcome Miss Morris, the soon-to-be jobless companion of Lavinia's elderly Aunt Sissie, now on her deathbed. Although a widow living with only her two grown children, Lavinia… 

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