Rural In-migration and Global Trade

  title={Rural In-migration and Global Trade},
  author={Alexandra Winkels},
Abstract As Vietnam has become increasingly integrated into the global economy, internal migration to the highland frontier has been a major driving force behind its burgeoning coffee industry. Examination of migrant experiences in the Red River Delta and the Central Highlands—migrant sending and receiving communities, respectively—illustrates that livelihood opportunities for coffee-growing migrants are accompanied by an increased exposure to risks and therefore a potential for greater… Expand
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Trajectories of deforestation, coffee expansion and displacement of shifting cultivation in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
Production of commodities for global markets is an increasingly important factor of tropical deforestation, taking over smallholders subsistence farming. Measures to reduce deforestation and convertExpand
Circular labor migration and land-livelihood dynamics in Southeast Asia's concession landscapes
Abstract Labor migration and large-scale land enclosures are increasingly central to the story of agrarian change throughout the Global South. Nonetheless, there remain limited understandings of howExpand
As the proportion of the gross domestic product of Southeast Asian countries accounted for by agriculture continues its long-term decline, it is natural in studying regional migration flows toExpand
Nested vulnerability:exploring cross-scale linkages and vulnerability teleconnections in Mexican and Vietnamese coffee systems
Analyses of the vulnerability of farm populations and food systems to exogenous change, whether in relation to climatic extremes, market shocks, epidemics or other concerns, have typically beenExpand
Gendered networks and migration decision-making in Northern Vietnam
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Migration decision-making under environmental change : place utility, mobility and ecosystem services in highland Peru
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Community Initiatives and Local Networks among K’ho Cil Smallholder Coffee Farmers in the Central Highlands of Vietnam: A Case Study
Over the last two decades, coffee growers in Vietnam have faced the same problems as farmers all over the world. Ethnographic research among the community of K’ho Cil coffee growers in Lam DongExpand
Recent debates about the impact of climate change in Southeast Asia and beyond have brought attention to the linkages between the environment and migration
  • 2018
Recent debates about the impact of climate change in Southeast Asia and beyond have refocused attention on the linkages between the environment and migration in the region. ‘Environmental migration’Expand


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