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Rural Growth Points in Zimbabwe — prospects for the future*

  title={Rural Growth Points in Zimbabwe — prospects for the future*},
  author={Kadmiel H. Wekwete},
  journal={Journal of Social Development in Africa},
  • K. Wekwete
  • Published 1988
  • Economics
  • Journal of Social Development in Africa
The full article can be accessed at the MSU Library Special Collections, Class No. HD49.C6 WEK,This paper briefly examines the context of rural growth points in Zimbabwe since Independence (1980). It examines prospects for rural industrial and commercial growth in the light of a highly centralised industrial and commercial base, dominated by monopolistic and oligopolistic firms. A number of possible small scale industry opportunities are identified, which lead to an assessment of the current… 
The Zimbabwe growth point phenomenon : impact and implications on public service delivery
The article examines the phenomenon of growth points in Zimbabwe. The growth point strategy inter alia aims to decongest urban centres by elevating some business centres to growth point status in
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  • 2018
Although development theory has provided numerous insights into what development means, the ideological contrasts between theories have meant that solutions have swung from one extreme to another.
Servicing the Needs of Inflating Population at Growth Points in Zimbabwe? Spatio-Temporal and Economic Considerations
While growth points in Zimbabwe were created to become economically viable spatial entities, over time they have not so much grown as intended. Amid the urbanization thrust in the country, these
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This article traces the transition from growth point policy to liberal development in the emergence of Ruwa Town in Zimbabwe from independence in 1980 to 1990/1991 when the town was declared an urban
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Three small towns in rural areas of Zimbabwe are explored, examining changes in population, housing, transport and business activity between 2000 and 2020, suggesting the potential of a territorial focus for local economic development following land reform, encompassing both urban and rural areas.
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This paper evaluates rural poverty alleviation strategies that have been implemented by the government of Zimbabwe since independence in 1980 such as the establishment of cooperatives, growth points,
Urbanizing Rural Zimbabwe: Growth Points 37 Years on, Opportunities and Challenges Case of Zhombe in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe
The designation of growth points created a ray of hope and promise for development of the hinterland. With government promising to invest in infrastructure there was a lot of hope that growth points
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After independence in 1980 Zimbabwe’s cities experienced a proliferation in the number of squatter camps. This was because of the failure of the urban economy to offer adequate housing and jobs,
ABSTRACT A comparative study is pursued of key aspects of urban management in decolonizing Southern Africa, using case study material from Harare, Lusaka and Windhoek. Because of their origins as
This paper examines and analyses the historical development of Zimbabwean towns and cities with a view to tracing and understanding policy directions, urban spatial development trends and other


Spatial and structural analysis of manufacturing industries in Zimbabwe and the implications for regional planning
One of Zimbabwe's key inheritances from the colonial economy is a strong and diversified manufacturing sector. Its development has been the result of a wide range of factors based on import
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