Ruptures in psychotherapy: Experiences of therapist trainees.

  title={Ruptures in psychotherapy: Experiences of therapist trainees.},
  author={Kathryn V Kline and Clara E. Hill and Taylor R Morris and Seini O'Connor and Ryan Sappington and Collin N Vernay and Gabriela Arrazola and Michelle Dagne and Hide Okuno},
  journal={Psychotherapy research : journal of the Society for Psychotherapy Research},
METHOD We used consensual qualitative research (CQR) to investigate the experiences of therapist trainees who had a rupture with a client. RESULTS Of 21 trainees who were tracked weekly, 14 experienced a rupture and were interviewed 1 week after the rupture and again 2 weeks later about antecedents, repair attempts, and consequences. Trainees typically reported experiencing tension at the beginning of the rupture session and difficult emotions during the rupture (e.g., anger, depleted self… CONTINUE READING