Ruptured tubal ectopic pregnancy: risk factors and reproductive outcome: results of a population-based study in France.


OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate the determinants of tubal rupture and to describe its treatment and effect on subsequent fertility. STUDY DESIGN The data were taken from a population-based register from Auvergne (France). All women aged between 15 and 45 years residing permanently in this area and treated for ectopic pregnancy by surgical or medical procedures have been registered since 1992. They are then followed up prospectively until the age of 45 years. This study is an analysis of 849 tubal ectopic pregnancies registered between January 1992 and December 1996. Women with tubal rupture were compared with those in whom no tubal rupture occurred. The risk factors for tubal rupture were identified by calculating crude and adjusted odds ratios. The effects of tubal rupture on subsequent fertility were assessed by calculating cumulative intrauterine pregnancy rates and were analyzed by log-rank tests and Cox regression. RESULTS The rate of rupture for this population was 18%. Four factors were identified that increased the risk of rupture (results of the multivariate analysis): never having used contraception (odds ratio 1.7 [1.0 to 3. 3]), a history of tubal damage together with infertility (odds ratio 1.6 [0.9 to 2.7]), induction of ovulation (odds ratio 2.5 [1.1 to 5. 6]), and a high level of beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (at least 10,000 IU/L) when ectopic pregnancy was suspected (odds ratio 2.9 [1. 5 to 5.6]). The overall cumulative frequency of intrauterine pregnancy was not significantly lower after tubal rupture (adjusted risk ratio 0.85 [0.53 to 1.38]). CONCLUSION Although tubal rupture seriously affects the immediate health of the women concerned, it seems to have no independent effect on subsequent fertility. Better knowledge of the risk factors should make it possible to identify those women who will not benefit from nonsurgical treatment.

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