Ruptured giant intracranial aneurysms. Part I. A study of rebleeding.

  title={Ruptured giant intracranial aneurysms. Part I. A study of rebleeding.},
  author={Vini G. Khurana and David G. Piepgras and Jack P Whisnant},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={88 3},
OBJECT The present study was conducted to estimate the frequency and timing of rebleeding after initial subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) from ruptured giant aneurysms. METHODS The authors reviewed records of 109 patients who suffered an initial SAH from a giant aneurysm and were treated at the Mayo Clinic between 1973 and 1996. They represented 25% of patients with giant intracranial aneurysms seen at this institution during that 23-year period. Seven of the patients were residents of Rochester… CONTINUE READING

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