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Ruppeiner Geometry of the RN-AdS Black Hole Using Shadow Formalism

  title={Ruppeiner Geometry of the RN-AdS Black Hole Using Shadow Formalism},
  author={Chao Wang and Bin Wu and Zhen-Ming Xu and Wen-Li Yang},
  • Chao Wang, Bin Wu, +1 author Wen-Li Yang
  • Published 27 July 2021
  • Physics
The connection between the shadow radius and the Ruppeiner geometry of a charged static spherically symmetric black hole is investigated. The normalized curvature scalar is adopted, and its close relation to the Van der Waals-like and Hawking-Page phase transition of Reissner-Nordström AdS black hole is studied. The results show that the shadow radius is a useful tool to reveal the correct information of the phase structure and the underlying microstructure of the black hole, which opens a new… Expand
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