Runx2 in normal tissues and cancer cells: A developing story.

  title={Runx2 in normal tissues and cancer cells: A developing story.},
  author={Karen Blyth and François Vaillant and Alma Jenkins and L DeEtte McDonald and Marie Anne Pringle and Camille A M Huser and Torsten Stein and James C Neil and Ewan R Cameron},
  journal={Blood cells, molecules & diseases},
  volume={45 2},
The Runx transcription factors are essential for mammalian development, most notably in the haematopoietic and osteogenic lineages. Runx1 and its binding partner, CBFbeta, are frequently targeted in acute leukaemia but evidence is accumulating that all three Runx genes may have a role to play in a wider range of cancers, either as tumour promoters or tumour suppressors. Whilst Runx2 is renowned for its role as a master regulator of bone development we discuss here its expression pattern and… CONTINUE READING
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