Running The Gauntlet -- Survival of Small Circumbinary Planets Migrating Through Destabilising Resonances

  title={Running The Gauntlet -- Survival of Small Circumbinary Planets Migrating Through Destabilising Resonances},
  author={David V. Martin and Evan Fitzmaurice},
All of the known circumbinary planets are large (Rp ≥ 3R⊕). Whilst observational biases may account for this dearth of small planets, in this paper we propose a theoretical explanation. Most of the known planets are near the stability limit, interspersed between potentially unstable 5 : 1, 6 : 1 and 7 : 1 mean motion resonances with the binary. It is believed that these planets did not form in situ, but rather migrated from farther out in the disc, and hence passed through these resonances… 

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