Rumour and power in Togo

  title={Rumour and power in Togo},
  author={Stephen C. Ellis},
  pages={462 - 476}
  • S. Ellis
  • Published 1 October 1993
  • History
  • Africa
Abstract The article describes some of the main political events which took place in Togo in mid to late 1991, at a time when the power of President Gnassingbe Eyadema was facing more serious opposition than at any time since his assumption of the presidency twenty-four years earlier, and examines how these events were represented in popular discussion in Lome. By analysing some aspects of the power struggle in that period, and popular perceptions of them, the article aims to shed light on the… 

Creolisation in Secret: The Birth of Nationalism in Late Colonial Uluguru, Tanzania

Abstract This article restudies assumptions about the nature of nationalism in Africa on the basis of the brief moment when African nationalism emerged in the mountain area of Uluguru, in eastern

Des dictatures ouest-africaines « éclairées » contestées par la capture de l'État ? Perspectives du Bénin, du Togo et du Sénégal ('Enlightened’ West African dictatorship Challenged by State Capture? Insights from Benin, Togo and Senegal)

: Populist nationalism is on the rise in sub-Saharan Africa. Depending on the political orientation, it is both reinforced and confronted by social media and social movements. Nationalism also

Chinese Devils, the Global Market, and the Declining Power of Togo’s Nana-Benzes

Abstract: This article examines the shifting representations of and discourses produced about Chinese salesmen and their collaborators in the small West African nation of Togo. It suggests that in

L’emprise de l'occulte sur la légitimité de l'état et l'aide à la démocratisation en Afrique

ABSTRACT & RÉSUMÉ & ZUSAMMENFASSUNG: The impact of occult belief on legitimacy of the state and on aid for democratization in Africa: Among politicians and development experts in Africa alike there

Fuelling the Flames: Rumour and Politics in Kibera

Abstract Kenya's post-election crisis was partly fuelled by the seemingly innocuous, but insidious, power of rumour. In the 2007 election campaign, rumours fostering suspicion and mistrust were

Talking politics and watching the border in Northern Burundi, c.1960-1972

This is the history of a turbulent borderland in a time of transition. Colonialism redefined the meaning of borders in Burundi, and in the traumatic shift from colonial rule to Independence it became

La dmobilisation collective au Cameroun: entre rgime postautoritaire et militantisme extraverti

Collective Demobilization in Cameroon: Between Post-authoritarian Regime and Extrovert Activism There is no denying that collective mobilization in Cameroon around the political and economic

On the impact of the occult on state legitimacy and democratization aid in Africa

  • D. Kohnert
  • Political Science
    SSRN Electronic Journal
  • 2020
The impact of occult belief on legitimacy of the state and on aid for democratization in Africa: Among politicians and development experts in Africa alike there is a growing awareness of the never

Witchcraft, Modernity and the Person

L'A. affirme que les discours de sorcellerie dans le district de Dedza a Malawi sont des discussions sur la maniere dont la prosperite peut etre acquise d'une facon moralement acceptable (contraire a

Togo: Thorny Transition and Misguided Aid at the Roots of Economic Misery

The parliamentary elections of October 2007, the first free Togolese elections since decades, were meant to correct at least partially the rigged presidential elections of 2005. Western donors




DURING THE FIRST half of the 1 980s the 'Maitatsine movement was an explosive factor in Nigerian society. During the 1960s and 1970s the founder of the movement, the Camerounian Muhammadu Marwa,

Jeu de mots, jeu de vilains: lexique de la dérision politique au Togo

C ÉTAIT le 21 juin 1980 B Pya, village natal du chef de 9 l’État togolais, situé dans le nord du pays, A quelque 460 km de Lomé. A dix heures, le cortège officiel arrive sur les lieux des cérémonies

Le politique par le bas en Afrique noire

ES situations de contr6le politique accentué, qui prédominent en Afrique noire sous les formes des regimes de L parti unique, des régimes dits (( militaires n, des dictatures personnelles et des


This article describes a phenomenon known all over Africa, for which there is no really satisfactory term in English but which is summed up in the French term 'radio trottoir', literally 'pavement

Bible et pouvoir a Madagascar au XIX e siecle

unsubstantiated conclusion that "the true (?) significance of cases can rarely be reduced to a set of quantifiable variables." Suffice to say that other studies, especially in South America but also

The Impact of Rumor: The Case of the Banyama (Vampire Men) Scare in Northern Rhodesia, 1930-1964

Historique, impact psychologique et social, et prolongements politiques de cette rumeur en Rhodesie du Nord (Zambie actuelle) au cours d'une periode de crise economique et d'agitations sociales

The British Broadcasting Corporation

THE present British Broadcasting Corporation was granted its first charter of incorporation on December 20, 1926, and a supplemental charter on August 14, 1931. The special Committee, which was set

Oral tradition

Concepts of Particle Physics, Vols 1 and 2..By Kurt Gottfried Victor F. Weiss-kopf. Oxford University Press: 1984 and 1987. Vol. 1 pp. 204; pbk $13.95, £9.95; Vol. 2pp. 432; hbk$45, £40.

The British Broadcasting Corporation

Memoranda are typed on A5 paper. There is no central heading; four headings are blocked against the ruled line but the telephone extension and the date are spread across the page. The BBC allows

Le Togo sous Éyadéma