Ruminant placental lactogens: structure and biology.

  title={Ruminant placental lactogens: structure and biology.},
  author={John C. Byatt and Wesley C. Warren and Philip J Eppard and Nicholas R Staten and Gwen G. Krivi and Robert J. Collier},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={70 9},
Ruminant placental lactogens (PL) are members of the somatotropin, prolactin gene family that are synthesized by trophectodermal binucleate cells. The structure and biology of PL has been studied in the cow, sheep, and goat. Ruminant PL have greater structural identity to prolactin than somatotropin, although they bind to both lactogenic and somatogenic receptors. The molecular weights of ovine and caprine PL are approximately 23,000, whereas bovine PL is larger (31,000 to 34,000) due to… CONTINUE READING


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