Rumen ciliates in Brazilian sheep (Ovis aries), with new records and redescription of Entodinium contractum (Entodiniomorphida: Ophryoscolecidae).

  title={Rumen ciliates in Brazilian sheep (Ovis aries), with new records and redescription of Entodinium contractum (Entodiniomorphida: Ophryoscolecidae).},
  author={Franciane Cedrola and Isabel Martinele and Roberto J{\'u}nio Pedroso Dias and Priscila Fregulia and Marta D’Agosto},
  volume={4088 2},
The species composition, prevalence, and average relative abundance of rumen ciliates were analyzed in 16 Brazilian sheep. 28 species of ciliates were identified belonging to 3 families: Isotrichidae, Ophryoscolecidae, and Parentodiniidae. Among these ciliates, Entodinium alces, Metadinium esalqum, and M. rotundatum were found for the first time in sheep, and other 12 species for the first time in Brazilian sheep. Different morphotypes of parentodiniid ciliates were identified in 7 of the 16… 

Rumen ciliate fauna of domestic sheep (Ovis aries) in İzmir, Turkey and scanning electron microscopic observations.

Investigation in the rumen contents of 15 domestic sheep living in Izmir, Turkey found that Entodinium simulans was the most abundant species, with a prevalence of 100%, and dubardi was found for the first time in domestic sheep in Turkey.

Rumen ciliates (Alveolata, Ciliophora) associated with goats: checklist, geographic distribution, host specificity, phylogeny and molecular dating.

A review and checklist of species based on taxonomic, morphologic, and ecologic studies of rumen ciliate protozoa in goats, presenting geographic distribution and hosts, as well as estimating the macroevolutionary relationships of the species observed in the studies.

Redescription of Polyplastron alaskum Dehority, 1974 (Ciliophora, Entodiniomorphida), a Rare Rumen Ciliate Species from Domestic and Wild Sheep

The present study redescribes the species Polyplastron alaskum based on morphological characterization and provides, for the first time, data on its infraciliary bands pattern. Polyplastron alaskum

Trichostomatid Ciliates (Alveolata, Ciliophora, Trichostomatia) Systematics and Diversity: Past, Present, and Future

A historical review of the systematics of the subclass Trichostomatia highlighting taxonomic problems and inconsistencies is presented and possible solutions to these issues are discussed.

Diet and breed alter community structures of rumen protozoa in cattle subjected to different feeding systems

To identify and quantify the rumen protozoa from two genetic groups of beef cattle subjected to three feeding systems, 14 genera were identified, among which Entodinium was predominant in all animals analyzed, and those fed exclusively with pasture had a greater diversity of ciliates in comparison to those restricted to, or supplemented with pasture.

Dynamic changes in the yak rumen eukaryotic community and metabolome characteristics in response to feed type

Feed type significantly affected the metabolites of rumen protein digestion and absorption, purine metabolism, and other metabolic pathway, and correlation analysis revealed extensive associations between differential microorganisms and important metabolites.

Coxiellosis in domestic livestock of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu: Detection of Coxiella burnetii DNA by polymerase chain reaction in slaughtered ruminants

This is the first time the performance of this commercial PCR kit is being validated in India, and the presence of C. burnetii DNA in those antibody positive specimens employing an imported commercial C. burningetii polymerase chain reaction (PCR) kit is looked for.