Rules for the World: International Organizations in Global Politics

  title={Rules for the World: International Organizations in Global Politics},
  author={Michael Barnett and Martha Finnemore},
1. Bureaucratizing World Politics2. International Organizations as Bureaucracies3. Expertise and Power at the International Monetary Fund4. Defining Refugees and Voluntary Repatriation at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees5. Genocide and the Peacekeeping Culture at the United Nations6. The Legitimacy of an Expanding Global BureaucracyList of Abbreviations Notes Bibliography Index 

The Political Legitimacy of Global Governance Institutions : A Justice-Based Account

One of the most prominent political developments in recent decades is the expansion and strengthening of global governance institutions (GGIs). Our lives are increasingly governed by rules for trad

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Built on the administrative system of the League of Nations, since the Second World War, the United Nations has grown into a sizeable, complex and multilevel system of several dozen international

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2 This paper contributes to a wider research project on the Effectiveness and Learning of International Organizations, MANUS-Managers of Global Change, for more info visit

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This book focuses on international taxation and examines how the financial crisis prompted renewed attempts to enhance international tax transparency and confront tax havens. It highlights the

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Since the early 1990s, international security organizations such as the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and, more recently, the European Union (EU), have undertaken


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