Rudimentary meningocele: a variant of "primary cutaneous meningioma".


We studied 5 primary cutaneous meningiomas. All were congenital. Four were nodules or plaques on the scalp, and one was a lumbar polyp. Two were alopecic. A skull defect was present deep to one lesion, and the lumbar polyp was attached to dura. The tumors were concentrated in the subcutis, where strands of meningocytes were embedded in dense collageous… (More)


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@article{Sibley1989RudimentaryMA, title={Rudimentary meningocele: a variant of "primary cutaneous meningioma".}, author={Don A. Sibley and Penny Cooper}, journal={Journal of cutaneous pathology}, year={1989}, volume={16 2}, pages={72-80} }