Rubus arcticus ssp. acaulis: dwarf raspberry, arctic blackberry, arctic bramble

  title={Rubus arcticus ssp. acaulis: dwarf raspberry, arctic blackberry, arctic bramble},
  author={Shane Wood and K. Gould and Ann Smreciu},
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Vulnerability and adaptive capacity of Inuit women to climate change: a case study from Iqaluit, Nunavut

Climate change impacts in the Arctic will be differentiated by gender, yet few empirical studies have investigated how. We use a case study from the Inuit community of Iqaluit, Nunavut, to identify



Seeds of woody plants in North America

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Peronospora sparsa on Cultivated Rubus arcticus and Its Detection by PCR Based on ITS Sequences.

In 1994 to 1996, large yield losses were reported in cultivated arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus) due to berries drying in the middle of the growing season in the entire cultivation area in Finland, and Laboratory tests showed that the two main cultivars of arcticbramble were susceptible to P. sparsa.