Rubiginoside, a farnesyl glycoside from Lepisanthes rubiginosa.

  title={Rubiginoside, a farnesyl glycoside from Lepisanthes rubiginosa.},
  author={S. Adesanya and M. T. Martin and B. Hill and V. Dumontet and M. Van Tri and T. S{\'e}venet and M. Pa{\"i}s},
  volume={51 8},
Chemical investigation of the methanolic fraction of Lepisanthes rubiginosa bark has led to the isolation and characterisation of a new tetrasaccharide derivative of farnesol named rubiginoside along with known triterpenoid saponins. 
Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of ethanolic extract of Lepisanthes rubiginosa L. leaves