Ru-Containing Polymeric Catalysts for Cellulose Conversion to Polyols

  title={Ru-Containing Polymeric Catalysts for Cellulose Conversion to Polyols},
  author={Oleg V. Manaenkov and Valentina G. Matveeva and Esther M. Sulman and Anastasia E. Filatova and Olga Yu. Makeeva and Olga V. Kislitza and Alexander I. Sidorov and Valentin Yu. Doluda and Mikhail G. Sulman},
  journal={Topics in Catalysis},
In this paper Ru-containing catalysts based on hypercrosslinked polystyrene (MN-270) and its functional analogues (MN-100 and MN-500) were studied for the first time in cellulose hydrolytic hydrogenation. The catalysts were characterized using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), high resolution TEM, and porosity measurements. Catalytic studies demonstrated that the catalyst containing 1.0 % Ru and based on MN-270 is the most active. The total yield of sorbitol and mannitol was 50 % on the… CONTINUE READING