Routing with packet duplication and elimination in computer networks


Packet duplication is discussed as a means of incre asing network re liability in an environme nt whe re packe t loss exists. Sever al methods of routing the duplicates are prese nted, one of which-the stnumbering--is shown to have the combined adva ntage of using disjoint paths and more eve n utilization of network resour ces. An additional mecha nism, delibera te packe t elimination, is introduce d as a means of controlling congestion that may re sult, in par t, fr om the duplication. A compre hensive model is defined enc ompassing the proce ss of pac ket duplication together with both forms of pac ket elimination. Within this model a cost func tion, based on ave rage pac ket delay, is defined. A quasi-static distributed algorithm is develope d that is optimal, dea dlock-fr ee and loop-fr ee. Extension of the model to include pac ket retr ansmission is consider ed.

DOI: 10.1109/26.2816

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@article{Orda1988RoutingWP, title={Routing with packet duplication and elimination in computer networks}, author={Ariel Orda and Raphael Rom}, journal={IEEE Trans. Communications}, year={1988}, volume={36}, pages={860-866} }