Routing under balance

  title={Routing under balance},
  author={Alina Ene and Gary L. Miller and Jakub W. Pachocki and Aaron Sidford},
  • Alina Ene, Gary L. Miller, +1 author Aaron Sidford
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • We introduce the notion of <em>balance</em> for directed graphs: a weighted directed graph is α-balanced if for every cut <i>S</i> ⊆ <i>V</i>, the total weight of edges going from <i>S</i> to <i>V</i>∖ <i>S</i> is within factor α of the total weight of edges going from <i>V</i>∖ <i>S</i> to <i>S</i>. Several important families of graphs are nearly balanced, in particular, Eulerian graphs (with α = 1) and residual graphs of (1+є)-approximate undirected maximum flows (with α=<i>O</i>(1/є)). We… CONTINUE READING


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