Routing pedestrians in smart city networks

  title={Routing pedestrians in smart city networks},
  author={L{\'e}on J. M. Rothkrantz and Mirela C. Popa},
  journal={2018 Smart City Symposium Prague (SCSP)},
Most routing devices can be used by pedestrians to find the shortest path to their destination. But in many cases not the shortest path but the fastest path is required. In this paper we discuss a variant of a dynamic routing algorithm based on AntBasedControl algorithm. The algorithm has been deployed in a centralized and decentralized routing system. People on their route use their smart phone to exchange traveling information with the central routing system or with other pedestrians via WIFI… 
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Multi parameter routing in air polluted urban areas
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A routing App computing the less polluted route along the streets using the measurement of the eco sensors using a special multi-parameter problem and enables travelers with lung diseases to choose a healthy route.


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