Routing Protocol for Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network


Wireless sensor network made up of sensor nodes which are fix or mobile. LEACH is clustered based protocol uses time division multiple access. It supports mobile nodes in WSN. Mobile node changes cluster. LEACH wait for two TDMA cycles to update the cluster, within these two cycles mobile node which changed cluster head, can't send data to any other cluster head, it causes packet loss. We propose an adaptive Low Packet Loss Routing protocol which support mobile node with low packet loss. This protocol uses time division multiple access scheduling to reserve the battery of sensor node. We form clusters, each cluster head update cluster after every TDMA cycle to reduce packet loss. The proposed protocol sends data to cluster heads in an efficient manner based on received signal strength. The performance of proposed LPLR protocol is evaluated using NS2. 34 on Linux 2. 6. 23. 1. 42. fc8 platform. It has been observed that the proposed protocol reduces the packet loss compared to LEACH-Mobile protocol.

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